Discovering the Possibilities of Etched Brass Part 3

Following on from last week’s post, where I showed you the first two sets in my new ‘Additions’ series of etched brass details, I promised to share with you some photos to demonstrate how effective the ‘Additions’ details really are. So in this week’s post I have some of the current work-in-progress photos for you.

So far we have only been working with the EMD DD35 Additions set; the weather here in the UK has been unusually fantastic so we’ve been making the most of it!

The DD35 set, pictured below, comprises of two long handrails for the sides and four corner handrails that need to be rolled into shape as I showed you in last week’s post.

DD35 Additions Set

DD35 Additions 1

DD35 Additions Parts

Below are some photos of a DD35 using the stock 3D printed handrails which will still be provided with the kits should you wish to use them and I think they work well when using the DD35 with a Con-Cor U50 as the stock handrail sizes match.

DD35 & U50 1

DD35 2

Having already cut out a set of Additions for a DD35 and having a new one under construction it was simply a matter of glueing them on.  They were a good fit using the same mounting locations on the side of the shell as the 3D printed rails and, as you can see below, they look very realistic.  They still need the final coat of paint to finish the model but I think the brass Additions really finish it off nicely.

EMD DD35 With Brass Etched Additions 1 EMD DD35 With Brass Etched Additions 3

EMD DD35 With Brass Etched Additions 5

Once complete I will have some more photos of this model to share with you as well as some of the Baldwin DT6-6-2000 with its brass Additions.

In the meantime, if you would like to purchase one of these brass Additions kits please drop me a message using the Contact page.