Upcoming NMRA (BR) Convention and New Prints Around the Corner

This weeks post is fairly short as I have been very busy getting several new print designs underway, not just because most of my current projects are finished, but because this year I will be giving a Clinic on 3D printing at the National Model Railroad Association (British Region) Convention. The convention is on the 17th to the 19th of October and will be held in Bournemouth, England, at the The Carrington House Hotel, here is a link.

The clinic is titled ‘How 3D printing works and how it can help you’ so I will be demonstrating what can be done with 3D printing and showing off some of my designs in various stages of the process.

I will post up a little nearer the time as to what day and time my Clinic will be and I look forward to meeting anybody that wants to learn more about 3D printing or simply wants to see my models in the flesh, or in this case plastic!

I also have a few new items currently being printed, actually as I type this post, which I will be sharing with you over the coming weeks. These include repair kits for small steamers, detail parts for Gas Turbines, some new locomotive shells and a few surprises.

The first large print that I am looking forward too is also my first HO scale model kit as well as my first test print in Shapeways Frosted Detail material.  This will be my Union Pacific Water Tenders, Jim Adams and Joe Jordan, which should be ready soon.  These will have parts printed in several different materials to reduce cost but I will cover this model in more depth in a later post.  For now here is a screen shot taken from my 3D model.

UP Water Tender 2007-Present HO

A little later this year these tenders will also be available in TT Scale and O Scale.  My Baldwin DT6-6-2000 will also be coming out in TT and HO Scales.

For N Scale I am currently finishing my Baldwin RT624 locomotive shell and will shortly be starting the big ALCO Century 855, which coincidently I announced I was doing at last years NMRA (BR) convention so I guess its time I pulled my finger out.

For those of you that will not be able to attend the convention I will be taking a lot of photos and videos of the layouts and displays to share with you, as this year neither of my clubs will be bringing a layout to run I will have more time to enjoy the convention.