Getting Back on Track Part 3

At the end of July I shared with you my designs for my N Scale Type 1 hanging Re-Railer, you can find the post here. This detail part was designed to fit onto the underside of locomotive frames, as shown below.  In this post, as promised, I want to share with you my design for my Type 2 truck mounted Re-Railers.

FA1 with Type 1 Rerailer - Close Up

The truck mounted Re-Railers were commonly used on switching locomotives but also on road locomotives.  Here is a link to a photograph on of UP’s GP20 locomotive No.475, taken by Joe Blackwell, carrying truck mounted Re-Railers.

These Re-Railers are much smaller than the Type 1s as they don’t straddle the rail. This makes them much easer to handle by the train crews.  They are designed to be put on either the inside or outside of the rail, in front of the de-railed wheel set.  Again they work in pairs so one is need on each rail. The locomotive will then push or pull the de-railed car back up the Re-Railer onto the track.  Here is a rendering of the Type 2 Re-Railer.

Re-Railers Type 2 3

Because these are so small I have had to print them in pairs, joined together by a small strip of material as shown below.  The Re-Railers measure just 5.2mm (0.204″) long.

Re-Railers Type 2 As Delivered.jpg

Once cleaned and painted the detail starts to come out including the toothed edge and holes in the casting which you can see on the rendering above.

Re-Railer Type 2 - Painted

As with the Type 1 Re-Railers I brush-painted them using a basic matt yellow acrylic paint.

The ideal locomotive to test these on was my Life-Like UP GP20.  Although the new Re-Railers are a bit bright, with some weathering they will look right at home.

Re-Railers Type 2 botton

Re-Railers Type 2 On GP20 - 2.jpg

If you want to super detail your own locomotives these Re-Railers are available in 3 different packs from my Shapeways shop or by clicking on the links below;

A set of 8

A set of 16

A set of 32

A helpfull hint for cleaning these parts under running water is to use a bowl or plug the sink, if the water grabs them they will go straight down the drain!

Next weeks post will be about some larger 3D printed parts, given that these Re-Railers are the smallest item to date that won’t be hard.