Replacement N Scale Horns

As a lot of my N Scale diesel locomotives are older and have been acquired from train shows over the years, a few of them have, at some point, lost some of their detailed parts; particularly their horns.  So every now and then as I am ordering parts for other projects I have been drawing up horns and adding them to the order so that I can repair my fleet.

Below is a rendering of some horns originally drawn for the Baldwin RT-624.  The horn on the left is the one which comes with the RT-624 kit.  I rotated one of the cones to make a bi-directional set to use on another switching locomotive which has been with out horns for a while.

N Scale Horns Render

Each set has a peg in the bottom so it can easily be inserted into a hole in the locomotive shell.

Although these are very small they printed very well in Shapeways’ Frosted Ultra Detail material.  I did have to make a few sacrifices with size in order to meet the minimum printable thickness but overall I am happy with the result.

N Scale Horns 1 N Scale Horns 2

Once the last of the powdery residue has been removed and they are sprayed the right colour I will fit some to my locomotives.  Below is a photo of one sat on an atlas GP loco to give a size comparison, I think they will be just fine.

N Scale Horns 3

The next set of horns I need is for a Life-Like Alco FA2.  This are single cone horns and I will be drawing a set and adding it into my next order.  Given the size of a single horn I will probably need to join them together for the print processes.  Then they can be cut apart and fitted into the holes in the FA2 cab roof.

Once I get a good selection of horns drawn and printed I will make them available too buy through Shapeways in packs.