Replacement N Scale Horns Part 2

A few weeks ago I shared with you my designs for some N Scale 3D printed replacement horns for some of my locomotives, you can find the post here.  In this post I wanted to share with you some of the results and let you know where you can get some from.

To start with I have two types of horns available, both are three chime horns.  One has all three chimes facing the same way, the other has one of the smaller chimes reversed.  In the rendering below you can see both types.

N Scale Horns Render

My Type 3-1 horn is the set with all three chimes facing forwards and it has been used on my RT-624 locomotive kit.  Below is a photo of two of the Type 3-1 horns giving a sense of the scale.

RT-624 XHD First Print 8

Below is a photo taken by Chris Broughton of his Pennsy RT-624 on the work bench.  You can see the horns to the right of the cab under the train phone antenna.

PPR RT-624 (Chris Broughton) 5

Here is Chris’ finished locomotive.

PRR RT-624 8355(Chris Broughton) 3

My Type 3-2 horn is the other set with the reversed chime, below is an image of a set of Type 3-2 horns fitted to a Kato SD40-2 that had lost its original horns somewhere down the line.

Horn Type 2 on SD40-2 8

The locomotive really is not that pink in colour, that is just a side effect of the lamps at my work bench.  Below are some photos of the SD40-2 with its new horns doing what it does best.

Horn Type 2 on SD40-2 1 Horn Type 2 on SD40-2 2 Horn Type 2 on SD40-2 3 Horn Type 2 on SD40-2 4 Horn Type 2 on SD40-2 5 Horn Type 2 on SD40-2 6 Horn Type 2 on SD40-2 7

To make the horns cost viable I am making them available in packs. The first pack available will contain both Type 3-1 & Type 3-2 horns, plus a mirrored set of both.  There will be twelve horns in total; three of each.  Each horn will be on sprue bar with its mirrored opposite and will need to be cut free, below is a rendering of a Type 3-2 horn with its mirrored twin on the sprue.

Type 2 Horns with Mirrored Version

You can find the pack of 12 horns here.

If you have a specific horn that you require for a locomotive in N Scale, or any other Scale, please contact me through the Contact page and I can make one available for you.

In next week’s post I hope to get back to completing the HO set of tenders with working lights that I started showing you last week.