New Pages in the Shop – Etched Metal Additions

When I first set up this blog/website all of the models I offered came from my Shapeways shop and the few etched brass Additions that went with those models were only available on request.

I now offer several etched metal Additions for my own locomotive shells and there are more on the way.  I will soon be offering etched metal Additions for other models as well as my own.  To start with these will include handrails and details for early Atlas N Scale EMD GP7/9 locomotives and handrails and details for Con-Cor’s N Scale U50s.  I am now also producing other etched metal Additions such as my Chain Link Fence which you can read about here.  This fence is also on the cards to be produced in HO Scale.

Because all of these items are not made to order, as with 3D printed items, I have started to build up a stock and I have added a section to my shop on this site so you can buy them directly.  If you click on the shop tab at the top of the page you can navigate through to the relevant sections.

As more etched products are developed I will add them to the shop.  The N Scale Chain Link Fence is due to be added next week.

The ‘Buy Now’ buttons link directly to a PayPal checkout page where you can adjust the quantity if you want more than one. You can then pay with a PayPal account or if you prefer directly with a credit or debit card.

I always intend to keep some in stock, however now and again I may run out but it only takes one week to replenish from my etching manufacturer.

I have also added this same function to the Short Rapido Couplings as it is cheaper for me to print them in bulk, passing the saving on to you.  They will be available in packs of 20, ideal for a HST set, for £5.00 GBP plus postage.

If there is a specific item that you would like etched, such as handrails to replace oversized ones on a locomotive, then please let me know.  I am always happy to discuss new projects.  You can contact me through the contact page or directly at