More Brass Additions

The English Summer is here and although I have been doing some more work on my current projects the call of the great outdoors has been too great.  So in this week’s post I am simply going to share with you some images of two forthcoming projects.

The first is a set of brass Additions to super detail the older N Scale Atlas GP7/9 locomotives.  The very early ones made by Kato are good runners but there were certain things which were not quite right.  The primary issue which led to this set of additions being made is the handrails.  EMD installed handrail stanchions made from folded plate not tubular sections.  This has been corrected by Atlas on their more recent locomotives.  My set of Additions, as seen below, has a full set of replacement handrails as well as many other parts all etched in 10 thou brass.

JTP Additions GP7-9

This fret also includes four sets of MU Hoses, two Sinclair antennas, three rear view mirrors, four windscreen wipers, two sun visors, seven sets of grab irons, one grab iron drill plate, two drop steps for the end handrails and two cab doors so they can be modeled in the open position.  The first run has already been etched and the parts are currently being tested for correct size and fit.

The second new project, which is somewhat smaller, is a pair of rear view mirrors, as shown below, for N Scale GE Genesis locomotives, in particular the P42 made by Kato.  Have a look at some pictures of real P42 locomotives and you will see them. Here is a link to a good example taken by Zach Pumphery.

JTP Additions P42 Mirrors

Interestingly they are not made opposite hand, that is to say the left and right are not a mirrored pair. The left hand side mirror is fitted in the configuration shown above, the right hand mirror is simply rotated 180° and installed with the small handle at the top.

As with the EMD GP 7/9 Additions these are still being tested but I will be making them available soon.  In the meantime it’s back to the other projects, unless of course the weather’s nice!