A List of How Tos

This week’s post will be nice and short as I have just returned from the wonderful Brighton Modelworld show. We took our whole modular layout ‘Solent Summit’ and after three days of manning our exhibit I must say I’m a bit worn out.

One thing I did bring back from the show was the need to add another page to my website.  A lot of people wanted to know how we created our rock faces, or how we got locomotives to work in certain ways.  As I have already written about some of these topics I have decided to add a ‘How Tos’ page to the gallery which will list all the topics I have covered so far.  The posts under this heading will only be the ones where the focus of the post is how to do something, so any posts where I am simply sharing with you the results will not be included.  As I write more ‘How Tos’ they will be added to this page.

You can find the page here or by selecting the gallery page in the drop down menu above.

The Brighton Modelworld event was a fantastic show but as I was so busy running the layout for three days I didn’t get any pictures of it.  However I did manage to capture three videos of my trains running on the layout.

First we have the Southern Pacific Overnight express powered by four black widow F7s.  These are the ones I wrote about in my ‘How Tos’ post ‘Converting An N Scale Bachmann F7 to DCC’.  The train is crossing the river Warsash on the Warsah Wye trestle.

Secondly we have the Southern Pacific Sunset Limited also crossing the Warshah Wye trestle.  The three Alco PA’s have the assistance of a 4-6-4 steamer as the train battles the grade.

And thirdly we have a pair of Santa Fe DT6-6-2000 transfer locomotives working a train of perishable box cars through New Mills on their way to the SF East End yard.

In next week’s post I will be getting back to 3D printed products and sharing with you the first 3D printed N Scale Alco C-855.