A New Video Gallery for the Website

With all the excitement of my newly released Alco C-855, which you can find here, I have decided to make this week’s post nice and short.

I have lots of videos on my site; sharing with you what I’m doing and the exhibitions I’ve been to, but sometimes I simply take videos of my, or other club members’, trains running on our layouts and I don’t always have a reason to post about it in the blog.

So I have created a new section in the gallery called ‘Video Gallery’.  In here you will find videos of our model trains listed by road and date.  Some of the older ones are a bit jumpy but they do get better.  When you click on a link it will open in a new full screen window where you can play the video.

As I take more I will add them to the gallery and on the home page there’s a new section on the right-hand side called ‘Latest Gallery Video’ so you can easily see when I’ve added something new.  The link will also take you directly to the video.

The ‘Video Gallery’ can be accessed by selecting ‘Gallery’ from the drop down menu above.