Etched Brass Additions for an N Scale C-855B

This week’s post will be short as I’ve had very little modeling time due to the unfortunate demise of my much-loved motorcycle and the search for a replacement.  However there is good news; not only have I found another bike but the C-855B brass Additions have arrived and they look great.

C-855B brass Additions

The C-855B brass Additions are very similar to the C-855 set, although there are no windscreen wipers or sun shades.  There are also less grab irons, but two larger end handrails have been added as well as the extra end handrail.  These are the three parts on the left hand side.

For those that have pre-ordered your C-855B brass Additions, they have now been posted and should be with you very soon.  I have several sets in stock and they can be ordered here. Alternatively you can contact me through the contact page.

As I said, time has been short, so I haven”t test fitted the C-855B body onto an extended chassis yet but I will have it all done for next week’s post.  The body’s also going into the paint shop so there’s a small chance I might have the whole set finished and ready to share with you then.