Geared Up and Ready To Go

At the beginning of June I shared with you some drawings for a replacement cup gear to be used with a Con-Cor U50/Turbine chassis.  That post can be found here. In this post I’ll show you the 3D printed result.

This new gear is a part used to extend the chassis for use with my Alco C-855 kit.  And this particular gear was designed for the rarer chassis made by Sekisui which has 26 teeth in the gear.  The normal one has only 20 teeth.

Below you can see a render of the two gears.

Alco C-855 Extra Gear

And below you can see the actual 3D printed gear.

New C-855 26 Tooth Cup Gear 1

In truth there isn’t much to see.  The priority was to make sure it fitted into the existing gear and matched the motor teeth, which it did, but it was a very tight fit.  So I decreased the diameter of the tooth section by just a fraction and reprinted the gear.  Now, as you can see below, it fits into the cup gear.  It’s a nice gentle fit and the motor teeth matched the other side.

New C-855 26 Tooth Cup Gear 2

So the last thing to do is to tell you where you can get them, and as usual it’s through the Shapeways shop.

Here is a link to the set of two 26 tooth cup gears for Sekisui-made U50/Turbine chassis.

So, a nice short post this week!  I’ll have something a bit bigger to share with you next week.