Plugging it all Together

So again this week’s post will be nice a short one; the sun is shining here and I’m making the most of it!  But not wanting to leave you without something to read I thought I would answer another common question I get asked,  “How do we, at the Gosport Group, join our modular baseboards together electrically?”

We use terminal blocks, or ‘Chock Blocks’, with male and female connectors.

Chock Block Plugs 3

Unlike a standard Chock Block there are only screws on one side of each strip.  The other has either the male or female connector attached to the screw clamp.

These work well and provide a positive, reliable connection.  The issue comes with the wires.  As the modules are always being moved about these wires are getting pulled and twisted a lot; after a while they break out or snap off from the connector.

To solve this a simple addition of a piece of plastic or wood makes all the difference.

Chock Block Plugs 1

The Chock Block is screwed to the plastic as well as a wire clasp.

Chock Block Plugs 4

This allows you to handle the connector without the risk of pulling the wires. A simple fix that saves a lot of work in the long run.

As for next week’s post? Well, let’s see how the sun holds up!