Capping Off the Chimneys

As well as model train parts I also get asked for building parts, although they are usually for model railway buildings, so this week’s post is about just that; a detail part for the Bournemouth West Station building, to be precise it’s the chimney vents on the top.

Bournemouth West was the terminus station of the Somerset & Dorset Railway which came down from Bath via some spectacular scenery.  I was because sadly the station is no longer there.

The station at Bournemouth West,  as shown below courtesy of Ben Brooksbank on Wikipedia, had some interesting chimney vents.

EPSON scanner image

There are some more photos of the chimneys on John Evans’ Flickr photo stream here and Alwyn Ladel’s Flickr photo stream here.

I was able to get some closer photos of the vents and, by measuring the images using the bricks in the chimney as a scale, I was able to produce a computer model.

Cimney Fins S&D Bournmouth West - Render

These have been designed to be printed in Shapeways’ Frosted Ultra Detail and Frosted Extreme Detail materials for OO/HO scale buildings, and that’s just what I did.

Cimney Fins S&D Bournmouth West 1 Cimney Fins S&D Bournmouth West 2 Cimney Fins S&D Bournmouth West 3 Cimney Fins S&D Bournmouth West 4

The model of the station is being built by Roger Sunderland as are most of the other buildings, and I was able to grab a few shots inbetween the building process.
I’ve made the chimney fins available in a pack of 20 which can be found here.  If you are modeling the S&D this is a difficult detail which can now easily be added to your station.  Once the layout of Bournemouth West is up and running I will give you all a guided tour as it’s going to be a fantastic layout.
I hope once I’ve caught up-to-date with my other projects I’ll be able to add more architectural products to my shop.