A Great End to a Great Exhibition

So this weekend was another exhibition with the Gosport AMR group layout ‘Solent Summit’ and we were at the Hampton Court Model Railway Club’s exhibition ‘Tolworth Showtrain‘.

The show is a two-day exhibition, and fills three large halls with a great variety of layouts and traders. We took eighteen of our scenic modules totaling 71′ of mainline plus two staging yards, each with 116′ of trains.

And much to our surprise we won, by popular vote, the ‘Best Layout’ of the show award.


In truth we tied with another large British outline OO layout, but given there were lots of fantastic layouts at the show, we are very pleased.

So thanks should be given to our team who set up the layout, ran it for two days and packed it all away, having a great time along the way.


I had a lot of 3D printed locomotives and rolling stock on the layout which created a good deal of interest.  EMD DD35s, Baldwin DT-6-6-2000s and Alco C-855s were hauling freight trains around the layout and Yosemite Valley Railroad log cars could be seen trundling up and down behind Yosemite Valley 4-4-0 No 22.

Sadly my camera wasn’t working so well and a lot of the videos I took haven’t come out as I had hoped.  That being said I have a few to share with you even though they may be a bit fuzzy.

N Scale trains over the Warsash Wye Trestle (Tolworth Show 2016)

N Scale trains at the road crossing (Tolworth Show 2016)

UP C-855 Set with a reefer train through Watson’s Siding (Tolworth Show 2016)

Having gained experience of organizing and managing a show I have even more appreciation of the exhibitions we are invited to take part in, and this show in particular was very well run.

Next week I should be back to drawing some 3D projects and I will share the progress with you.