Drawing a Dummy Chassis & Trucks for an N Scale EMD SD50 Part 3

Recently I shared with you my designs for a dummy chassis.  It was designed to be used with an Atlas N Scale SD50 shell, as shown below, and you can read the post here.  In this post I’ll show you the outcome and where you can get one.


As I mentioned in that post, and as you can see below, the fuel tank was a little bit low.  This has been corrected in the 3D model, raising the tank connection points on the chassis and adding a tiny bit of height to the truck towers.

emd-sd50-dummy-chassis-mk2-7With the fuel tank and trucks painted in acrylic ‘locomotive black’, the loco looks the part and spent some time last weekend running around our club layout behind other locomotives.


This dummy chassis kit will also fit an Altas’ SD60 and SD60M shell as all three locomotives use exactly the same chassis.  The kit is available in both Shapeways’ Frosted Ultra Detail and Frosted Extreme Detail materials and can be found here.

If you want to use the original light board with the chassis this can easily be done with my ‘Dummy Chassis Circuit Board Mount’ as shown below.  The actual mount is printed in Shapeways’ White or Black Strong and Flexible material and can be found here.


In order to add power to the circuit board, power pickups need to be added to the trucks.  This is done in exactly the same way as with my C-628/C-630 dummy chassis trucks and will look similar to the example below. You can read how to do it in this post.


Each truck will need three Fox Valley 36″ metal wheel sets (FVM3611), which are not included in the kit. If you don’t want power pickup then Micro-Trains 36″ plastic wheel sets will also fit but I recommend the metal ones as they add weight to the trucks.  The trucks on their own are very light and more weight helps them run smoothly.

The trucks are HT-C type trucks which EMD used from 1970 to 1994 on their three axle  trucked locomotives, the noticeable feature is the center shock absorber on each side.


As these trucks have been used for such a large range of locomotives I have also made them available on their own.The kit consists of two HT-C trucks and two bolster pins. These can be found here.

Next week I’ll have some more 3D printed products to share with you.