Specialist Brick Feature for an S&D Signal Box – Part 2

In December last year I shared with you my designs for some special 3D printed brick feature details for a OO Somerset & Dorset Railway Signal Box at Bournemouth West Station; you can find the post here. In this post I’ll share with you how they came out.

This brick features, which I mislabeled as a ‘brick castellated feature’ last time, is called ‘dentil’ brickwork from the Latin ‘dens’ meaning ‘tooth’.  It’s a simple form of corbelling.  I printed the parts in strips on a sprue in Shapeway’s White Strong & Flexible material, as you can see below.


The actual construction of the signal box hasn’t started yet but the modeller, Steve Knight, has made a mock-up to see if the parts will work.


The wall has been made from layered card with the brick finish plastic card on top.  The top dentil and bottom sloping brick sections are simply glued in place.

sd-dentil-brick-work-3 sd-dentil-brick-work-4

The whole section is then painted brick red.

sd-dentil-brick-work-5 sd-dentil-brick-work-6 sd-dentil-brick-work-7

The brick details really stand out and, once weathered, will look wonderful.  As I said at the start this is only a mock-up for the signal box, but the image below gives the idea of how it’ll look on the layout.  All the track work and details, like point rodding, have already been finished.


Once Steve has completed the box I’ll share the result with you.

This weekend is the Bournemouth N-Trak Convention which I’ll be attending, hopefully on both days.  You can see videos and photos from a previous visit in 2014 here. I intend to take lots of photos and video this time as well so I can give you a nice full post next week for those who can’t make it.