A Change in Shapeways’ 3D Printing Prices

This week I’d planned on continuing with my OO Gauge Fixed Link Couplings and showing you where to get them.  However, it was announced last week that as of 22nd May 2017 Shapeways are restructuring their pricing system for Frosted Ultra Detail (FUD) and Frosted Extreme Detail (FXD) plastics.  As my OO Gauge Fixed Link Couplings will be printed in these materials I’m going to look into this before I release the product.

The main changes Shapeways will be making are lowering the material cost and halving the initial base cost. This, on the whole, is good news as it should reduce the cost of several of my products, but I’ll need to do some re-designing.  This will be necessary as they’re also adding a charge for support material and a small charge per part.  And as many of my products have multiple parts this may push the price up.  But don’t panic; the solution will be to have these parts sprued together or 3D printed inside an enclosure so they are treated as one part.

I have already done this with some of my products.  For example the EMD DD35, DT6-6-2000 and RT-624 all have their handrails 3D printed inside their shells as you can see with the DT6-6-2000 below.

So over the next few weeks I’m going to be revisiting all my products and ensuring they are all easy to order and cost-effective; plus a spring clean isn’t a bad idea!  This may mean my next few posts are a bit random but I will share with you what has changed as the products are updated.