A Project For the N Scale Enthusiast

Where was I last week? I had the night off; I didn’t post anything but I was still modelling.  I used the time to catch up on some jobs that needed a bit of concentration and I’ll be sharing these with you soon, once I’m finished.

In the meantime if any of you were at the 25th National N Scale Convention in Pittsburgh, hosted by the N Scale Enthusiast, you may have seen some of my work.

One of NSE’s new limited run models is the Navy Gun Barrel Transport Consist‘.

All the pictures are courtesy of the N Scale Architect.

I designed the gun barrel load and all the supporting details which sit on top of the three flat cars made by Micro-Trains.  This was a project for the N Scale Architect who assembled and painted all the models for the NSE.

As I said earlier, this model is a limited run and is only available through the NSE website; members of NSE also get a discount.  The link below will take you to their shop.

NSE Navy Gun Barrel Transport Consist

The N Scale Enthusiast and the N Scale Architect have fantastic models and kits, so if they are new to you, I recommend having a look.