Small Steps Forward and New Releases on the Horizon

This week’s post will be short as it’s been a busy week.  I’ve made some progress with the UP rotary snow plow as you can see in the image below.  To read more about this project you can find the first post here.

As you can see a lot of the brass details have been modelled such as the grab irons and roof handrails.  Unlike most locomotives or freight cars, which have one point of access to the roof for maintenance, this rotary snow plow is covered in them.  So far there are 86 separate brass parts and there are many more to add.  But I know how much we, as modelers, love detail so if it’s right, it’s worth it.

On a different note; if anybody went to Amherst Railway Society Show, in West Springfield, Massachusetts, over the weekend you may have seen The Scale Architect’s stand with some of their new releases.  For those that couldn’t make it the new release which interested me the most was the ‘Naval Gun Barrel and F22 flatcars’.

This 3D printed kit will be available in March 2018.  Now I wonder who could have drawn that?!  A bit closer to the release date I’ll have some more info and pictures to share with you about it.

Next week I plan to get back to the UP rotary snow plow and I may even have the chassis worked out.