Following up on Messages

My website has now been up and running since November 2013 and in that time many people have contacted me with all sorts of questions which I try my best to answer, although sometimes I do get a bit behind.

However, every now and again I get a question come through via my contact page which I simply can’t answer.  This is not because I don’t know but because there is an issue with a mis-spelling of the supplied email address and I’m unable to send a reply.

So to help stop this I have added another line to my contact form asking you to re-enter your email, just as a check, which should help with the problem.

Alternatively you can always email me directly at  I do try to answer all emails, even if I can’t get to them straight away, but if you haven’t had a response and you think this might have happened them please get in contact again, I’m always pleased to hear from you.