Price Changes for 2019

This week I had planned on bringing you an update on the new 3D printed gears for the N Scale Bachmann 4-8-4.  However something a little more pressing has come up which requires my attention.

As of today, the 29th April 2019, some of the prices in my Shapeways shop have changed.  This is because Shapeways have had a restructure of their pricing system for their Smooth and Smoothest Fine Detail Plastic materials (formally known as FUD).

This is the main material I use for locomotive shells, detail parts and replacement gears.  Back in May of 2017 a similar change was made which also affected the prices of the parts in my shop.  As with that change some models have come down in price and some have gone up.  I’ll be working through all of my models to ensure the price change is either beneficial or not too excessive.  This will mean a lot of the models may end up on some sort of sprue to reduce the individual part count.  But that’s not a bad thing and as this is 3D printing, not injection moulding, the parts don’t necessarily have to touch the sprue, just like the gears for the Bachmann N scale 4-8-4 below.

It’s going to take a while to go through all the models so if there’s something you’re thinking of ordering and the price seems rather high please get in touch, either via email at or via the contact page, and I will make that product a priority.