A Baldwin RT-624 In HO – Part 2

This week I have some more progress on the HO RT-624 project to share with you, and thanks to Gus Foster who supplied some great information, I also have a clear idea of the two different versions I’ll be making available.

The first model will be as the original batch that were delivered to the Pennsylvania Railroad. These fourteen units, numbered 8952 to 8965, rode on General Steel Castings Commonwealth trucks, similar to those on the Baldwin AS-616 and DT6-6-20000.  With the exception of 8952 and 8953, twelve of them were fitted with the PRR Trainphone and my model will have the antenna on top. I’m also intrigued by what appears to be an electric bell on a bracket at one end. Below you can see PPR 8956 at Zanesville, Ohio, July 23, 1954. (Photographer Paul B. Dunn). The bell and bracket are on the left-hand end to the right of the headlight. Any info on what this is would be greatly appreciated.

The second model will be the later nine PRR RT-624 units, numbered 8113 and 8724 to 8731 which all rode on General Steel Castings Delta equalized trucks. They were never fitted with the PRR Trainphones and had a slightly different car body with a lowered headlight. They were also equipped for MU operation and Gus informs me these generally served in the Philadelphia area. Below you can see PRR 8725 at Overbrook, Pennsylvania, October 26, 1952. (Photographer unknown but from the collection of Craig Garver)

I’ve been making the changes to the 3D printed shells and they’re starting to take shape. The first model is on right; as you can see it has the Trainphone antenna and the higher headlight.

I have yet to sort out the end handrails; these are different from the DT-6-6-2000 and simply scaling up my version from my N scale model looked way too chunky so I’ll need to redraw it.

Once this section is complete the shell will be ready for a test print which hopefully won’t be far away.