How Tos

The links below take you to ‘How To’ posts that I have written over the years.  There are always several ways to do things and these are the methods that work for me.  I hope they help you to create the model you want to build.


Quick & Easy Ways to Ballast Track

Ballasting up to a Trestle or Bridge

Making Talus and Rock Fall for Your Layout

Using Your Rocks to Build River & Railroad Canyons

Making Rocks for Your Model Railroad

Painting and Weathering Rocks

How to make your own NBWs for N Scale Trestles

Loco & Rollingstock

Checking Wheelset Back to Backs

N Scale A-B-A set of Alco C-855 locomotives – Complete Build

Adding Real Coal Loads To Hoppers

Lubricating, Oiling and Greasing Locomotives

Replacing Con-Cor U50, Turbine & JTP C-855 Wheelsets

Adding N Scale Wheelset Resistors for Circuit Detection

Fitting Micro-Trains Body Mount Couplers To Older N Scale Freight Cars

3D Printing

Fixing bowing problems in 3D FUD printed models

Cleaning Up 3D Printed Models

Removing Acrylic paint From 3D Printed Models

A Way To Paint FUD & FXD 3D Printed Parts


Updating Your Digitrax Products

Installing LokSound Select Direct Micro DCC Decoders in Kato Locomotives

Identifying Your DCC Decoder

How to Fix Runaway Locomotives on a DCC Layout

Changing Sounds on Digitrax Sound Decoder (Basic)

Changing Sounds on Digitrax Sound Decoder (Advanced With PR3)

Making a DCC Bus for your Model Railroad

Testing A DCC Auto Reverses and Reversing Section

Cost-effective DCC installs for consisted locomotives

Making your own DCC plugs and connectors

Track Maintenance

Cleaning Track Inside Tunnels


Improving Peco Points for DCC Operation

Improving Kato Points for DCC Operation

General Electrics

Joining Wire With Solder & Heat Shrink

Joining Modular Baseboards Together


Cutting Out Etched Brass

Re-powering A Dapol Semaphore Signal