Yosemite Valley RR Log Cars


This is a model of the Yosemite Valley Railroad’s log car in its second incarnation.

YV-Log Car 1

YV-Log Car 2

This car is available in 4 kits.

Single car.

Runner Pack of 2.

Runner Pack of 3.

Runner Pack of 5.

The kit will require Micro-trains (or equivalent) trucks and two Micro-trains Z scale Body mount couplers, which are not included.  I have had good results with Atlas trucks as well. The chains and log are also not included.

YV-Log Car 3

The kits are printed in the Shapeways FUD material which will require cleaning upon delivery, please see my FAQs for more information.

A bit of history about this car……….

These were unique to the YV and were used by the YLCO (Yosemite Lumber Company) and the Yosemite Sugar Pine Lumber co. to transport the large timbers down from the high forested areas on either side of the valley to the railroad that followed the Merced River. This was done by the use of incline railroads, the steepest one reached 78% on the Northern side at El Portal,CA. On one end of each car there is a cable connection and on the other a bulk head, which stopped the timber falling off. The weight of the loaded car was used to pull an empty car back up the incline. Once at the bottom the cars where taken along the YV to Merced Falls, CA. where the YV had its own lumber mill.

The YV had 175 of these cars (including the first incarnation) numbered 801 to 975. They were built by the Seattle Car & Foundry Co. at Renton, WA from 1912.

You can find more information on modeling the YV and its lumber operations at Jack Burgess Website.

YV-Log Car 4