Baldwin RT-624

Baldwin RT-624 Render 3

Baldwin RT-624 Render 1

This kit is for an N Scale Baldwin TR-624 (Sometimes called a DT6-6-2400).  It is designed to fit over an N scale Atlas C-628 or C-630 chassis.

The typical kit contains the main body shell, Fuel and Air Tanks, trucks, two cab interiors, each with an engineer, and handrails.

Baldwin RT-624 Kit

The trucks supplied with the kit are designed to replace the Atlas side truck frames and clip on using the same locating lugs.

Baldwin RT-624 Shell 2

DT6-6-2000 Test Print 9

DT6-6-2000 Test Print 10

Two cab interiors with engineers are supplied with every shell.

DT6-6-2000 Test Print 2

The antennae for the Pennsylvania Railroad train phone system, as well as handrails, sun visors and Air/MU hoses are available as brass Additions, as shown below, for this locomotive here.

Baldwin RT-624 Additions Render

This locomotive kit is currently available in 2 versions;

One RT-624 shell and trucks to be used with an Atlas C-628 or C-630 Chassis.

One RT-624 shell and trucks to be used with an Atlas C-628 or C-630 Chassis printed in Extreme High Definition (16 Micron Layer Thickness). Please contact me through the contacts page for a quote giving your location for shipping.

A dummy locomotive kit will be available soon.

An instruction sheet is available here.

Here is an example of an Atlas C-628 chassis with trucks rotated and new side frames fitted.

DT6-6-2000 Test Print 11

Kits printed in the Shapeways FUD material or XHD will require cleaning upon delivery, please see my FAQs for more information.

A bit of history on the RT-624……..

The Baldwin RT-624 is the natural development to the Baldwin DT6-6-2000.  Built between 1951 and 1954 the locomotive is classed as a transfer unit, designed for moving strings of freight cars between local yards in big cities.  It was a heavy locomotive giving it great traction, plus it had, for its time, a lot of horsepower.  Baldwin had started changing their naming convention for locomotives by this stage; this locomotive was sometimes called a DT6-6-2400 but Baldwin’s correct name was RT-624.  RT stands for ‘Road Transfer’, 624 stands for 6 wheels per truck and 2400 horsepower.  To achieve the extra 400 horsepower Baldwin replaced the pair of 606SC supercharged diesel engines with their newer 606A supercharged diesel engines.  These each produced 1200 horsepower and were more reliable.

Baldwin also moved some of the air vents and grill work on the side to help with air flow around the engine compartments. The DT6-6-2000 was almost symmetrical but the RT-624 had one walkway that was a different shape to the rest. This one had a longer raised section allowing for more battery storage under the walkway.

Baldwin made twenty-four of these behemoths; one was purchased by the Minneapolis Northfield & Southern and numbered Twenty Five.  Here is a picture of it taken on the 21st of June 1964 at Glenwood Junction, MN by Marty Bernard (

You can see it very closely resembles the DT6-6-2000, the headlight is lower and you can see where Baldwin has lowered the grills.

The other twenty-three were purchased by the Pennsylvania Railroad.  The first fourteen, built in 1951 and numbered 8952-8965, ran on the same Commonwealth Trucks as the DT6-6-2000.  Here is a photo of 8963 taken on the 21st November 1966 in Pitcairn, PA by Ryan Kertis.  (  8963 did not have a lowered headlight but it did have additional grill work on the sides.  You can also see on the right of the photo the walkway runs at the higher level for longer, creating the larger space.  Also apparent in this photo are the antennae on the roof for the uniquely PRR train phone system.

The next eight, built in 1952 and numbered 8724-8731, ran on newer Outside Equalized Trucks.  Here you can see loco number 8728 and an unknown sister engine. The photo was taken on the 17th of July 1965 at Porter, DE by Jeff Van Cleve. ( In the photo you can see the lowered headlight and single lowered grill as well as the newer Outside Equalized Trucks.  Also the end handrails have been revised to include a folding down walkway allowing crew to move between locomotives when double heading.

Here is another photo of a pair of PPR RT-624s.  Taken on the 6th June 1961 at Paoli, PA by James Gillin. (

The last locomotive, number 8113, was built-in 1954 and was the same as the previous eight.

This model is based on the PRR locomotives built in 1952 with the Outside Equalized Trucks.

Baldwin RT-624 Render 6

Baldwin RT-624 Render 2