EMD DD35-3EMD DD35-3

This kit is for an EMD DD35 as first delivered to the UP and SP.  It is designed to fit over a modified Bachmann DDA40X chassis, instructions on how to do this can be found here.

The kit contains the main body shell, fuel tank and hand rails.

DD35 Kit

It is currently available in 2 versions.

One DD35 to be used with a modified Bachmann DDA40X.

One DD35 dummy complete with chassis and trucks.

The DD35 dummys will require 8 Fox Vally 36″ metal wheel sets (FVM3611) and 2 Micro-Trains N Scale body mount couplers (1015 or 1016) each, which are not included.

EMD DD35 Dummy Kit

A separate chassis with trucks and bolster pins is also available here.

An instruction sheet can be downloaded in PDF here.

A set of brass handrails, as shown below, are available for this locomotive here.

DD35 Additions Set

The locomotive can also be converted to have body mounted pilots which can be found here.  Please note this will increase the locomotives minimum radius capabilities.

Here is an example of a modified Bachmann DDA40X chassis.


The kits are printed in the Shapeways FUD material which will require cleaning upon delivery, please see my FAQs for more information.

More photos and a video of the DD35 can be seen here.

A bit of history on the DD35……..

The DD35 locomotive is a cabless booster designed and build by EMD (Electro-Motive Division) for the Union Pacific and Southern Pacific Railroads.

With the increasing freight load the UP challenged EMD, ALCO (American Locomotive Company) and GE (General Electric) to produce a locomotive, or set of locomotives, that produce 15,000 HP to replace their fleet of Gas Turbines.

EMD’s design is effectively two GP35 locomotives on one chassis without a cab.  The DD35 produces 5,000 HP, so with two DD35s, topped and tailed by two GP35s (2500 HP each), the set completed the 15,000HP that UP were looking for.

The demonstrator set, originally painted in ‘Frisco red and white livery was bought by the UP in 1963 along with 25 more DD35 units in 1964.  The SP purchased 3 DD35 units.

All units suffered with electrical problems early in their lives due to issues believed to be caused by sand getting into the switching gear.  This was later remedied by moving the sand boxes outside the main body to the walkways.

UP found after lots of experimenting that the best combination for the DD35 was to run it with a GE U50.

DD35 & U50