EMD DD35 Body Mount Pilots

These are optional body mounted pilots to fit the EMD DD35 kits to replace the original truck mounted pilots. They are designed to be used with a James’ Train Parts EMD DD35 locomotive kit and will fit both the powered and dummy version.

DD35 Dummy Pilot 4

They have a socket to receive a Micro-Trains body mounted coupler. (1015 or 1016)

Original configuration shown below.

DD35 Dummy Pilot

New body mount pilot configuration.

DD35 Dummy Pilot 2

The new pilots are available on two packs.

One pair of N Scale EMD DD35 body mount Pilots

Two pairs of N Scale EMD DD35 body mount Pilots

Please note when fitting your N Scale DD35 with a body mounted pilot and coupling it will increase the minimum radius that your locomotive can navigate.  If you are unsure if this will work for you, position your DD35 over your tightest curve and see where the nose of the body swings out to.  If it is outside the sensible condition to be able to couple up to a another car or locomotive then your radius is too small.

These parts are designed to be printed the FUD & FXD materials and they will require cleaning before painting. I recommend washing with warm soapy water then soaking in ‘Goo Gone’ or similar product for about 24 hours. Then rinsing off with warm water and allowing to dry.