UP Pre Rebuilt/Ex Gas Turbine Water Tenders 1955-2007

3985 Entering Larmie (Photo by Jeremiah Siembida)

(Photo by Jeremiah Siembida: UP 3985 Entering Laramie, WY.  Taken 2003-2006)

3985 In Dunsmuir, Ca 2005 (Photo by Richard Wrede)

(Photo by Richard Wrede: UP 3985 In Dunsmuir,Ca. taken in 2005)

This is an N scale kit for Union Pacific’s Pre Rebuilt/Ex Gas Turbine Water Tenders, as used in the excursion train behind UP 844 and UP 3985 before 2007 pictured above.

UP GTEL 8500 Tender

This kit has two body styles which I’ve labelled Types 1 and 2. Type 1 is as the tender appeared when used with the 8500 Gas Turbines, with the exception of the tool box, and doesn’t have the extra pipe work across the top walkway leading to the access hatch.

UP Water Tender (Turbine) Type 1

Type 2 does have the extra pipe work across the top walkway leading to the access hatch.

UP Water Tender (Turbine) Type 2

In both prototype photos above the Type 2 tender is behind the locomotive tender and the Type 1 is bringing up the rear. (Please note: Type 1 and Type 2 is not an official designation but my interpretation from available photographs and documentation)

The kit includes trucks and bolster pins plus a separate tool box and ladders.

The body separates from the chassis to allow weight to be added (weight will be need as they are very light).

This kit is available in 3 versions.

UP Pre Rebuilt/Ex Gas Turbine Water Tender Type 1.

UP Pre Rebuilt/Ex Gas Turbine Water Tender Type 2.

UP Pre Rebuilt/Ex Gas Turbine Water Tenders Type 1 & Type 2.

The hand rails on the top and up the ladders are not included but can be made from Evergreen .020″ styrene rod, brass wire or something similar.  Holes for the handrail stanchions have been provided and a template is included on the instruction sheet which can be downloaded as a PDF here.

The kits also requires 2 no. MT 1015 body mount couplers and 6 no. MT wheels per tender, which are not included.

All the kits are printed in the Shapeways FUD material which will require cleaning upon delivery, please see my FAQs for more information.

A bit of history about this car……….

In the 1950’s the UP were experimenting with increasing the power and range of their Gas Turbine fleet.  The result was the 8500HP GTEL which was a three unit engine. The lead unit was the control cab and contained an auxiliary diesel engine and generator. The second unit carried the turbine engine and main generators and the third unit was a large tender for the Bunker C fuel oil which the turbine burned.

These tenders originally started life as coal and water steam engine tenders for the 800-class locomotives.  They had a second steel skin added to house the heating and pump equipment required to heat the Bunker C fuel oil; it was too thick to use when cold.  Both ends of the tenders were also chamfered at the top to ensure they would not obstruct the exhaust port on the back of the second unit, as it did not go vertically up, but came out at about 45 degrees.

When the Gas Turbines were retired at the end of the 1960s some of the tenders were put into storage. They were later converted to water tenders for the UP heritage steam fleet for use with UP 844 and UP 3985.

In 2007 these tender where rebuilt; kits for the rebuilt models can be found here.

UP GTEL 8500