UP Water Tender 2007-Present HO 1:87

UP Water Tender - Real

BR HO Modular Group With UP Tender - NMRA 2014 7

This is an HO scale kit for the Union Pacific’s Water Tender ‘Jim Adams’ and ‘Joe Jordan’ as used in the excursion train behind UP 844 and UP 3985.

HO Tender Kit Raw

The kit is made up of two packs, both shown as delivered above and after cleaning below.

HO Tender Kit

Pack 1, this pack, includes the main body, roof handrails, trucks, ladders & headlights.

This pack is only printable in the FD or FUD material. Although the FD is cheaper the finish is a bit rougher, the FUD will give a much smoother result.

Pack 2, which is printed in the WS&F material, includes the chassis, flag plates, bolster pins and roof top tool boxes.

HO Tender WS&F Parts

You will need both packs for the kit.

The kit is available in 2 versions.

Two Water Tenders Jim Adams and Joe Jordan.

One Water Tender Jim Adams (can also be used for Joe Jordan).

HO Tender Test Print 2

The flag plates are designed for the flag details from www.circusdecals.com.  A full set of decals for this car can be found here. One set of decals will do both Joe Jordan & Jim Adams.

BR HO Modular Group With UP Tender - NMRA 2014 21

The roof top handrails are very delicate and to prevent damage during shipping they are a separate part contained in a frame, they will require cutting out of the frame before installing.

The body separates from the chassis to allow weight to be added (weight will be needed as they are very light).

The kit also requires 2 no. Kadee No.5 (Or similar) body mount couplers and 6 no. Proto 2000 series 33” wheel sets No.920-21259 per car, which are not included.

An instruction sheet can be downloaded in PDF here.

HO UP Water Tender First Print At NMRA 2014

Pack 1 is printed in eather the Shapeways FD material or the Shapeways FUD material which will require cleaning upon delivery, please see my FAQs for more information.

BR HO Modular Group With UP Tender - NMRA 2014 5

A bit of history about this car……….

In 2007 the UP heritage steam fleet’s two auxiliary tenders, which were former Gas Turbine 8500 fuel tenders, were rebuilt to become the present day tenders used with their running steam engines UP844 & UP3985.  The tenders, before they were used for the Gas Turbines, were originally standard coal and water steam engine tenders.  They had a second steel skin added to house the heating and pump equipment required to heat the Bunker C fuel which the Gas Turbines used, it was too thick to use when cold.  Both ends of the tenders where also chamfered at the top to ensure there was no obstruction of the exhaust port on the back of the turbine power unit as it did not go vertically up, but came out at about 45 degrees.  In 2007 all of this second skin, heating and pump gear was removed and the chamfered ends were replaced.  A new walkway and tool boxes were added to the top and they were repainted to complete the major overhaul.  They where christened UPP 809 Jim Adams and UPP 814 Joe Jordan after two retired steam fitters from the UP repair shop.

BR HO Modular Group With UP Tender - NMRA 2014 12