EMD DDA40X Dummy Chassis

DD40AX Dummy 2

This kit is for an N Scale EMD DDA40X dummy chassis to be used with a third generation Bachmann EMD DDA40X shell and fuel tank. (The picture above shows a DDA40X with DD35 trucks).

DDA40X Dummy Kit

This kit is ideal if you have used the chassis mechanism for a DD35 or other project and you now have a spare DDA40X shell.

The kit contains the main chassis, trucks and bolster pins.  (The trucks and pins are a separate item on the Shapeways site but can be combined at checkout).

DDA40X Dummy Chassis 1

DDA40X Truck 1

DDA40X Truck 2

The DDA40X dummy will require 8 Fox Vally 36″ metal wheel sets (FVM3611) and 2 Micro-Trains N Scale body mount couplers (1015 or 1016) each, which are not included.

The kit is available here.

One Chassis on it’s own.

A pair DDA40X Trucks with bolster pins.

This kit is printed in two materials.

The chassis can be printed in either Shapeways’ White Strong & Flexible or Black Strong & Flexible materials.

The trucks are printed in Shapeways’ Frosted Ultra Detail material which will require cleaning upon delivery, please see my FAQs for more information.

Power pickups can be added to the kit to power the DCC circuit board and lights in the Bachmann shell if required, more information can be found here.

Here is an example of a Bachmann DDA40X shell with power pickups on a dummy chassis..

DDA40X Dummy Trucks 1

DD40AX Shell 4

And here is a video of a Dummy DDA40X running at the rear of a long coal drag.