Re-Railer Detail Part – Truck Mounted

Re-Railers Type 2

This is a model of an N Scale truck mounted Re-Railer used to re-rail derailed trains.  They are usually mounted on the locomotive trucks as shown in this image of UP’s GP20 No.475 taken by Joe Blackwell.

Here it is shown on an N Scale GP20.

Re-Railers Type 2 On GP20 - 1 Re-Railers Type 2 On GP20 - 2.jpg


The detailed parts comes in pairs and need to be separated before they can be fixed to your locomotive as an added detail as shown below.

Re-Railers Type 2 As Delivered.jpg


Packs of this detail are available in three sizes…….

Pack of 8.

Pack of 16.

Pack of 32.

The kits are printed in the Shapeways FUD material which will require cleaning upon delivery, please see my FAQs for more information.

Re-Railer Type 2 - Painted