Baldwin DT6-6-2000

DT6-6-2000 Finished 9

Baldwin DT6-6-2000 Side Render

This kit is for an N Scale Baldwin DT6-6-2000.  It is designed to fit over an N scale Atlas C-628 or C-630 chassis.

The typical kit contains the main body shell, trucks, two cab interiors, each with an engineer, and handrails.

DT6-6-2000 Test Print 6

The trucks supplied with the kit are designed to replace the Atlas side truck frames and clip on using the same locating lugs.

Baldwin DT6-6-2000 Truck 1

DT6-6-2000 Test Print 9

DT6-6-2000 Test Print 10

Resin cast side frames are also available from  These have been designed to fix to the side of the Atlas side frames after they have been sanded flat.

Two cab interiors with engineers are supplied with every shell.

DT6-6-2000 Test Print 2

This locomotive kit is currently available in 3 versions;

One DT6-6-2000 shell and trucks to be used with an Atlas C-628 or C-630 Chassis.

One DT6-6-2000 shell without trucks to be used with an Atlas C-628 or C-630 Chassis.

One dummy DT6-6-2000 shell complete with chassis and dummy trucks.

(Note: The Chassis is a separate kit as it is printed in a different material. Use the button on the Shapeways page to add both kits.  If you want a chassis printed in black you will need to add it manually.)

The DT6-6-2000 dummys will require 6 Fox Valley 36″ metal wheel sets (FVM3611) and 2 Micro-Trains N Scale body mount couplers (1015 or 1016) each, which are not included.

The trucks for the dummy DT6-6-2000 are shown below along with the dummy chassis.

Baldwin DT6-6-2000 Dummy Truck

Baldwin DT6-6-2000 Chassis & Trucks

A separate chassis with dummy trucks and bolster pins is also available through the Shapeways shop here.

An instruction sheet is available here.

A set of brass handrails, as shown beow, are available for this locomotive here.

Etched Metal Button

Here is an example of an Atlas C-628 chassis with trucks rotated and new side frames fitted.

DT6-6-2000 Test Print 11

The kits are printed in the Shapeways FUD material which will require cleaning upon delivery, please see my FAQs for more information.

A bit of history on the DT6-6-2000……..

In 1946 the Baldwin Locomotive Works, who were already manufacturing small switching diesel locomotives, set about designing a locomotive with more power to be used as a transfer locomotive.  Its primary function would be to transfer rolling stock locally from one freight yard to another, so it needed the power of a road locomotive but not the speed. It also needed to maintain the visibility and benefits of the smaller switching locomotives.  Baldwin’s answer was the DT6-6-2000 Center Cab.

Baldwin’s naming convention, DT6-6-2000, refers to several things: DT stands for “Diesel Transfer”, the first 6 refers to the number of axles, the second 6 refers to the number of axles powered by traction motors and the 2000 refers to the locomotive’s horsepower rating.

The locomotive, as the name suggests, has a centrally located cab allowing the engineer to see both ends which makes it easy to couple to rolling stock at either end. Road locomotives normally had a cab at one end with windows only facing forwards; they would either need to be turned at the end of the line or run in pairs with another road locomotive facing the other way.

The DT-6-6-2000 is powered by two diesel engines, one for each three axle truck. The design was effectively two switching locomotives back-to-back sharing one cab.  The original prototype had a pair of 8 cylinder normally aspirated diesel engines (Type 608NA) but all the other production locomotives had a pair of 6 cylinder turbocharged diesel engines (Type 606SC).

Several railroads tried the locomotives and a total of 46 were made between 1946 and 1950, each with slight differences as the design improved. There is only one left now and it is preserved at the Illinois Railway Museum in Union, Illinois. The Elgin, Joliet and Eastern Railway purchased the most ordering 27 in total. This particular model is based on AT&SF No.2601.

Baldwin DT6-6-2000

DT6-6-2000 Finished 1